About Radio "Focus"

Our authors and hosts


Arthur Azaryan

Host of the advertising, marketing, industry program in Armenia and Artsakh. Author of the "Made in Armenia" project. On the radio "Focus" every day.


Ashkhen Mnacakanyan

Presenter and author of the program about beauty. Welcome to the world of love, beauty, kindness and mutual respect, where there is no everyday hatred and filth. The radio station "Focus" goes on air every day.


Naira Arakelyan

If you want to know everything about beautiful Armenia and Artsakh, then we turn on Naira's author's program about tourism in Armenia without haute couture. The whole truth about the hotel and restaurant business through the eyes of a traveler.


Dear friends! We are here to convey to you a sea of positive mood and interesting and educational programs. The radio station will offer you the most modern music juice. More detailed material about the radio station "Focus", its perspective, tasks, program, presenters and musical format is coming soon.

The radio station "Focus" is now preparing a new cycle of programs devoted to the economy of Armenia, and very soon the first issue of the program "Made in Armenia" will be released. We will support our manufacturers and entrepreneurs in the rapid development for the prosperity of Armenia.

The radio station "Focus", as always, will generate good on the media platform, where, at the request of many of our radio listeners, the program "Love Story" returns to the air. New programs and new horizons for revealing the human soul and promoting love, loyalty, kindness and mutual respect.

For travel lovers and at the numerous requests of radio listeners, the program returns Of course, new trips with the program host to the most beautiful corners of Armenia and Artsakh, an overview of tourism in Armenia, an overview of the hotel and restaurant business await you. Only the truth about beautiful Armenia.